Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Energizer Bunny

Barwick life is moving right along. Every day that comes and goes takes me by it really already February 2009? I guess every day flies by because we are so busy. Jody is at work from 7 am (sometimes earlier) until usually 7pm (and sometimes later). I drop off the kids at school and go to my work (at the high school). When we are done at our schools, there is ball practice for somebody. Monday through Thursday we are at the ballpark, and soon games will be starting on Saturdays. Of course I can't get anything done while we have practice. I am so involved in watching and biting at the bit to help during each of their practices that errands are out of the question. I've take a book to Connor's practice two or three times so far, but have failed to even open the cover. Sam's coach is very good about letting me help, from running some of his drills, to running some of my own drills with the girls. Sam is getting extra help one day a week with pitching. She loves it and is improving daily. She probably won't do too much pitching this year on the team (there are already 2 very good pitchers and she is still learning), but she will get a little game time, and will be strong and ready for next year. She is also working on her field position, currently short stop. Of course she wants to be in the action, just like her brother. Connor is absolutely loving baseball this year. He is on a rookie ball team, the next step up from t-ball. They are using a pitching machine for all of the games, pitching 38 to 42 mph. He can usually get a piece of it, and when he does... He is still upset about not getting to steal bases yet, but that will come in the next level of baseball, so he still has two years until then. He is practicing at 3rd and at 1st bases. He is an aggressive and competitive fielder, with a good glove and a good arm. This is definitely his game and he loves his coaches. This will be his third year with the same coaches and there are 5 returning players on his team. When ball practice is over, it's dinner, homework, showers and bed. Then we start all over the next day, like the energizer least we get some time to charge our batteries and sleep.

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