Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Ball

We have been so busy with baseball and softball. We now have games at least once a week for both kids. With practice four nights a week and games on Saturdays, we are in full swing of spring season.
Samantha is first string short stop and third string pitcher. She has been working hard at pitching and fielding. She is throwing a lot harder and is now learning to throw different types of pitches. She has become much more aggressive on her fielding as well. Her batting is also getting better, she can usually manage a base hit. She is improving at sliding when she steals a base too. All around she has found her sport and is working hard at being her best. Her team won their first game by a landside of 10 - 2. They played very well on their second game, but lost 4 - 1. Samantha made an awesome third out, when she caught an infield fly at short stop. They had a double header that day, and won their second game. She loves being on the field with her friends, and she loves the competition.
Connor is loving baseball too. He is now in Rookie ball, so they use a pitching machine for the first part of the season, then kid pitch on the last innings at the second half of the season. Connor has been practicing "pitching". He really is just getting the ball across the plate to the catcher at this time. He likes playing pitcher, but loves first base. He likes to be the one to get everyone out. They won their fist game by a landslide last weekend too, and won their second game 8 - 7. Connor was excited to make several plays during the second game, and made his first "real" homerun - knocking the ball into the outfield. He is so competitive that I know he would play all night long if we would let him!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hard Times

As many of you know, March 1st we had a terrible accident in our family. My cousin's wife Tiffany was driving home Sunday evening from a day of play at Easy Street with the kids (Hunter, Hailey and Owen). On the way home, she was hit - head on - by another driver. This accident was devastating. Tiffany and Glenn's son Owen, at 3 years of life, and her step-daughter (Glenn and Erica's daughter)Hailey, at 9 years of life, did not make it. Hunter, also 9 years old, and Tiffany were both sent to Shands Hospital in critical condition.

It has been a hard couple of weeks. The loss of such beautiful and loving children is so very hard. Even though we know they are with God in Heaven, we miss them and long to see them, even if just once more. Hailey was such a little princess. She was very bright and funny. She was always very motherly towards Owen, helping and caring for him. Owen was a trooper. His legs were always going double time to keep up with his sisters. Whenever he saw me or Jody, he would always ask "I come over to yous house?" They were all over the day before the accident, "working" with us in the goat pen. Samantha, Hailey and Hunter were snuggling the babies, while Connor and Owen chased the babies. These kids will be missed by many.

Meanwhile, while dealing with the loss of these two angels, we had to stay strong on the outside for Tiffany and Hunter. They both made it through several surgeries. Tiffany is unable to stand at this time, and once she heals more, she will begin therapy to strengthen her hips and legs. She was released from the hospital and is under family supervision at home. She has learned to transport her self from her hospital bed at home to her wheel chair. She has been able to visit Hunter some at the hospital, but the travel wears her out, and she needs the next day to regain her strength.
Hunter is making remarkable strides in recuperating. She has been through so much. We think, hope, and pray she is done with her surgeries. She is breathing on her own and talking through her teeth (her mouth is wired shut but don't think that will stop her). She has all of the nurses at Shands wrapped around her little finger. They are taking such good care of her. It will be several more weeks before she will be released, only to be moved to a rehab facility for months of therapy. We are still praying hard that she regains function of her legs, but only time will tell. She is in good spirits for all that she has faced and still has to go through. She now knows about her siblings death, and is trying to comprehend it the best she can. She knows they are in Heaven with God, and that brings us all comfort. Of course, she is also enjoying being spoiled a little. She now has many movies she can watch in her room, a new Nintendo DS she is playing, with several games, stuffed animals galore, and much more. She is happy to see the cards and banners hung around her room from her classmates and friends and family. She is able to blow bubbles in her room, which is always fun, and likes to talk on the phone with her family. She is doing the best she knows how, and is doing an excellent job at it. We are all so proud of her strong will and loving spirit.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Energizer Bunny

Barwick life is moving right along. Every day that comes and goes takes me by it really already February 2009? I guess every day flies by because we are so busy. Jody is at work from 7 am (sometimes earlier) until usually 7pm (and sometimes later). I drop off the kids at school and go to my work (at the high school). When we are done at our schools, there is ball practice for somebody. Monday through Thursday we are at the ballpark, and soon games will be starting on Saturdays. Of course I can't get anything done while we have practice. I am so involved in watching and biting at the bit to help during each of their practices that errands are out of the question. I've take a book to Connor's practice two or three times so far, but have failed to even open the cover. Sam's coach is very good about letting me help, from running some of his drills, to running some of my own drills with the girls. Sam is getting extra help one day a week with pitching. She loves it and is improving daily. She probably won't do too much pitching this year on the team (there are already 2 very good pitchers and she is still learning), but she will get a little game time, and will be strong and ready for next year. She is also working on her field position, currently short stop. Of course she wants to be in the action, just like her brother. Connor is absolutely loving baseball this year. He is on a rookie ball team, the next step up from t-ball. They are using a pitching machine for all of the games, pitching 38 to 42 mph. He can usually get a piece of it, and when he does... He is still upset about not getting to steal bases yet, but that will come in the next level of baseball, so he still has two years until then. He is practicing at 3rd and at 1st bases. He is an aggressive and competitive fielder, with a good glove and a good arm. This is definitely his game and he loves his coaches. This will be his third year with the same coaches and there are 5 returning players on his team. When ball practice is over, it's dinner, homework, showers and bed. Then we start all over the next day, like the energizer least we get some time to charge our batteries and sleep.