Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Ball

We have been so busy with baseball and softball. We now have games at least once a week for both kids. With practice four nights a week and games on Saturdays, we are in full swing of spring season.
Samantha is first string short stop and third string pitcher. She has been working hard at pitching and fielding. She is throwing a lot harder and is now learning to throw different types of pitches. She has become much more aggressive on her fielding as well. Her batting is also getting better, she can usually manage a base hit. She is improving at sliding when she steals a base too. All around she has found her sport and is working hard at being her best. Her team won their first game by a landside of 10 - 2. They played very well on their second game, but lost 4 - 1. Samantha made an awesome third out, when she caught an infield fly at short stop. They had a double header that day, and won their second game. She loves being on the field with her friends, and she loves the competition.
Connor is loving baseball too. He is now in Rookie ball, so they use a pitching machine for the first part of the season, then kid pitch on the last innings at the second half of the season. Connor has been practicing "pitching". He really is just getting the ball across the plate to the catcher at this time. He likes playing pitcher, but loves first base. He likes to be the one to get everyone out. They won their fist game by a landslide last weekend too, and won their second game 8 - 7. Connor was excited to make several plays during the second game, and made his first "real" homerun - knocking the ball into the outfield. He is so competitive that I know he would play all night long if we would let him!

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